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I Forge Iron

I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Salvati

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I DID IT! Laminated steel, FINALLY a successful COMPLETE weld! I started with 1 inch wide 1/4 inch thick mild steel and 1075, and laminated the 1075 successfully between them! NO GAPS, NO COLD SHUTS, NO INCLUSIONS, a complete and utter solid weld. i'll have some pictures tonight, if I can etch it. WHEW, i am exhausted.

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very cool :o
ApprenticeMan , i've been looking at a few examples on ebay of old laminated hewing hatchets and the like. good carbon steel must have been something in those days., most of these old tools have a piece of high carbon laid on to softer steel so to speak on one side , not actually sandwiched between. learning by doing is the way.

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MB; once when digging in some books I found a cite that said even as late as the American Civil War that carbon steel could cost 5 times that of wrought iron so if you had something hefty to forge the cost would go way up. Also it was believed that wrought iron had more shock resistance than steel and so by steeling a wrought iron body you had a better tool than a pure steel one.

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