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Practical Projects for the Blacksmith


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Book Name: Practical Projects for the Blacksmith
Author: Ted Tucker
# Pages: 227
ISBN#: 0-9650755-0-8
Publisher: Larson

A very well written instructional type book. Whether getting a forge together, managing the fire or forging each piece with a purpose, Mr. Tucker has instructions that make sense and are easy to follow. The book is Loaded with inspirational and workable ideas from ornate to everyday items. Very well presented, great explanations with many drawings and photos. A wide variety of projects that work on developing specific skills and use real time application of those skills.
Over all a great book, simple and straight forward enough for those starting, but also in depth and varied enough to hold the attention of mored seasoned Smiths.

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I also have this book bought it about 1980. Yes I agree It is very good book. I would like to also add that there is a good beginner's BBQ forge built with hair dryer as a blower. The hardware and tongs chapter sure helped when I first started blacksmithing. Great book guys look for it at your local library.

Keep Hammerin':D

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This is a really neat book, in fact it is one of my favourites.
Mr.Tucker brings a real warmth and humour to his writing and the projects range from beginner level
to more advanced skills. Even if you're a more experienced smith don't underestimate this book, there are some great ideas there and Mr Tucker's style of work and drawings have a life of their own.
In the book Mr.Tucker refers to his teaching of Blacksmithing to youngsters and adults. I wonder if any of the Iforgeiron members took his classes?
If you can pick this book up (I think it is out of print) it would be a worthwhile addition to your library even if you only get a few ideas out of it, its a good read.

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