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Seax for customer

Sam Salvati

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Here is a seax I am working on for a customer. 5160 blade, hammer finish back bevel and 1/2 of the front bevel with the forged ridge line highlighted. The egde is ground a bit to improve the geometry from as forged, and it is gonna be a mean cutter. holes are drilled for pins, all that is left is to heat treat and mount the handles, then make the scabbard.





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If my mother in-law tries to commission you to make a sword like that, please refuse her.
After seeing the transformation that came over you while you are holding that sword in your hand, it gave me the willies!
Why, I could see where “you could have been a ferocious pirate” at an earlier point in time! LOL
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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I was just wondering if the Jeep behind him was to be his test subject for that thing! ;)
Sam, I've been following the progress of this blade in various places that you have posted it. I have to say that it has come out nicely. I like the makers mark also and it has inspired me to think up a way to make my own for my projects. Your skill is improving all the time. Keep it up.


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Thanks guys. Ted, i'll be sure to screen her calls:p. I am going to have to make up for this scary picture by taking a picture of me holding some soft cuddly kittens:D. Ecart, thank you very much. I forged the stamp for my mark YEARS ago, and only recently found it and heat treated it. I guess it would be nice if I explained what it means. My name is Sam Salvati, my business name is River Valley Forge, being that my shop is located in the Delaware River Valley, only 100 yards away in fact FROM the river itself. The mark sort of works out to convey both my name and business name, being that it is two Ss side by side, and it also happened tolook like a little bendy section of the river, which is very bendy around here.

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Sam, your talents are progressing with every project you do. What kind of handle willl this have?

Now, as for the last picture.......lets just say that I've met a few people that would identify with that look, in my line of work......of course, they were on their way to the state hospital to hang with the guys in white suits for some r&r:D.......you are such a ham for the camera. Oh well, as long as you are having fun doing what you do, who cares, right?

Keep up the good work.


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Here she is all handled up. All that is left is the final polish and sharpening after the sheath is made. Handle is light brown syed Amboyna Burl, sealed with clear lacquer (which I am thinking of doing a couple more coats to give it that DEEP look). Pins are brass. I LOVE the brass against the what-i-thought-was-gonna-be-brown but is red, along with the hammer finish and high polish edge, both much cooler in person. ENJOY.





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