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Here's help for those of you who have struggled with transferring a drawing of a project from paper to sheet metal.

Buy some tracing paper from a sewing supplies place (mine came from Wally-World). It's cheap, maybe $1.50 for a package of several sheets.

Place a sheet of tracing paper between your paper drawing and the sheet metal and trace over the lines. The transfer is quick and accurate and you are now ready to upgrade the drawing with soapstone.

This stuff comes in multi-color packs, but the white and the yellow sheets are the best for this work.

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Thanks for the tip Gerald, I learned something good.

An old method to accomplish transfer is to scrape a thin layer of soapstone over the surface of the sheet, chalk line chalk or ordinary talcum powder will also work, just make sure it is a light dusting. Lay the pattern on the sheet, go over it with a pencil or other utensil with a rounded end. Carefully pick the pattern up and remove, blow the excess off and then use soapstone to make the mark heavier. I use this process when drawing a scroll with my Scroll Generator. Carbon paper works well on light surfaces.

BP0022 Scroll Generator

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