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Got one of my toys back

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Got my toy truck back, its been at the mechanic shop since 2000 to have brakes fixed. I guess I am not high priority.

It was a 1953 M37 Cargo truck when I got it out of a salvage yard, didn't run just got the cab and chassis.

I always wanted a winch truck that could navigate in the mud to retrieve stuck farm machinery and dozers. I spent a lot of time and money in building it up to what I wanted, never did get it painted tho, doesn't seem to affect its ability to work tho.

3 winches, Main winch 40K tulsa, boom winch 15K with a 4 part line to poles, 20K tulsa for an auxiliary. PTO is transfer case powered, with 5 sp tranny for fwd and reverse and speeds. Each winch has a power divider that operates it with a low and a high speed.

A quarter mile of cable and chains on it. mostly 5/8 , there is 245 ft of 7/8 on a reel and 300 ft of 5/8 on another below deck reel. 5/8, 7/8 and 1 inch short bridles coiled in old car tires.

A a bumping device on the front for pushing semi's with trailers to start them, not shown is an 8 foot wide anchor blade that mounts on the back bumper.

It has both the original 24 volt system and a 12 volt system for lighting.

I am relearning how to operate it. LOL





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WOW! I'm impressed with your truck. What we would call "Real Skookum".

My friend in Vancouver use to run a towing business and he made all his own wreckers. He has one ton trucks, 3 ton trucks, a five ton and the largest one is a big Freightliner.

I think the coolest truck he has is made from a 61 Ford tandem dump truck. And his '65 Chev 4 wheel drive with Detroit lockers.

He would buy the winches and drive train and make the booms and decks and everything else.

The stories I could tell you!

I'll bet you will soon have some stories to tell from working your own truck.

Real nice to see.


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  • 8 months later...

I was working on "Ole Rusty" my old deuce-n-half winch truck today, got the turn signals working - a corroded terminal, the brake lights working - a broken wire, and the Mico Brake lock working - a bad fuse. Also found out why the 3rd winch wouldn't work, a key fell out of the engaging rod and the rod came out of the engaging lever.

Also got the 8 ft wide blade anchor put on it. Pictures show it in the lowered and raised positions, there are 4 5/8 restrictor cables that limit it to going about 11 inches into the ground before they get tight. I have had it deep enough that the ground was even with the back edge of the bed.



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Way to go, Irn. That should keep 'er from creeping back. And when it snows you can use it to clear the driveway by backing out.

I remember once I held my foot on the brake of a one tone wrecker while my friend was doing a hard pull. He was pulling a truck up and out of a front yard that was 4 feet below the road. The truck was upside down, too. Anyway, his micro brake wouldn't hold so he had me put my foot on the brake. Pulled so hard that the front of the wrecker was off the ground. Got the truck half way turned over, up and out and the cable broke with a twinging SNAP! Cable hit the headache rack and put a huge dent in it. My friend jumped back and just caught the end of the cable across his face, ripped his cheek real good, but it could have been worse.

Learned a lesson that day. "The right truck for the job" with no exceptions.

Your truck looks to be bulletproof. Have you got snatch-blocks on that puppy?


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a double, 4 or more singles, an extra plate so I can make another double. some small ones. several factory ones under the passenger seat. used them all once, 4 part line down to the excavator, over to a D-8 with the blade dug in. then back to the truck, pulled a 1 inch 6 by 42 line into that was attached to the excavator, pulled the center out of one sheave. and truck was running at 400 rpm idle all the while. serious pull, excavator was moving about an inch a minute.

picked a station wagon up outa a 20 foot deep culvert once

pulled a loaded semi and trailor out of a road ditch side ways once to.

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