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416 San-mai Japanese/Argentinian style knife and Cruforge dagger


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Productive weekend, finished up these here commissions. 


San-mai Cruforge high carbon and vanadium core/edge, with 416 stainless steel shell, and 15n20 shims between layers. Japanese/Argentinian style handling; copper fittings and pin, with stabilized antler, and linseed-oil finished zebrawood handle.
I love this knife - by far the most difficult to forge blade to date.

I will happily forge a billot for any knifemaker that asks - just cover materials, consumables, and shipping.




Etched Cruforge forged blade with damascus guard, cocobolo coffin handle, and brass fittings. Also a whole lotta fun to make. It was so dark a piece I had to adjust the camera to get it.





<3 comments and critique,


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The profile is well executed but it's really hard to see details with direct lighting in the photos. the easiest way to get good light is shoot on overcast days. A simple field expedient diffuser is a single ply of tissue paper over the flash. Oblique light is good for making surface details stand out. If you're using a speed light you can place it to the side. Or, aim it towards a sheet of white paper and reflect the light. If it's an integral flash it's tissue or another source.


I'd really like a better look at your work, what I can see whets my appetite for more.


Frosty The Lucky.

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