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I Forge Iron

3 days off from work


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Well, I got three days off from work this week, so I decided to spend them forging. I'm trying to get up enough stuff to start selling out of one of the antique stores in my town.


Anyway, I made some meat turners...



...Some bookmarks...



...Some dinner bells...



...Some corkscrews...



...Made my wife a garden trowel (my first one)...



...And I made a cane as a gift for my dad. :)



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3/8 round steel from the hardware store for all but the corkscrews, I think that was 1/4. The corkscrews are pretty simple. Just draw out one end real skinny and pointy, bend it 90, roll it along the edge of the anvil hammering to spiral it and use something skinny like a chisel to space the spirals out. The handle of i think it is self explanatory. Glad you like them. :)

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Thanks, that sounds like what I've seen before on the cork screws.  I just need to pony up and make some.  Very nice use of leaves on your work!  Looks like you might need some more time off though to satisfy the lefties...


FYI, just knocked out a gardening trowel for my mom for Mother's Day which is this Sunday.



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I start out with a 1" round bar, square up a few inches of it, then twist. Then I make the socket (which is a huge pain in the but and takes me a while). Then I just stick it in the vise and shape it into a handle. The only thing difficult about it is flattening the thick metal out for the socket.

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