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My Pop was interested in watching me blacksmith, so I took a 2 inch or so section off the end of a farrier rasp and drew out this blade.  Pop was amazed, he said it looking like we had more metal at the end that we started with.  I quenched it in oil, then tempered in the oven.  I wacked the heck out of a hard maple 2X2 chopped about half way through.  The edge stayed shaving sharp and exhibited no chips No handle then just holding the tang.  Pop said he wanted it and he sent me this picture last night.  He used buffalo horn and whitetail anter and is quite pleased with his blade.   


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DC, I bought a lot of them off ebay, they were mixed brands.  What I did was heat them up, quench in water then see if they broke.  Some did and some bent.  The brand markings were generally pretty hard to spot.  On this blade I quenched in vegetable oil that I reheated with a piece of hot iron.  I then put it in my oven at about 375 for an hour.  All guesswork on my part as I am not a very good bladesmith just a beginner.

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Thanks, that's all very good information.  I've yet to work with the Bellottas that I have.  I am getting caught up on other work and should be able to do so soon.  The last set of spike knives that I sold the guy asked me when I'd have some rasp knives ready which gives me good incentive to do sooner than later.



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All around good! Best part being able to make something with/for your Father and something he liked. Being able to make something he asked for is even better. Him finishing it is the candle on the cake.


In the process you had to shop test a bunch of vaguely ID'd steel to select that which had the properties you needed. Of course you then forge the tested and approved file and heat treated it.


All in all a superior demo of skill and knowledge, at your Father's bidding and to his benefit. This is the kind of thing I loved doing with my Father. It them happy, proud and lets them know you can go it on your own. Parents never stop worrying about their kids, if you can demonstrate you're up to challenging the world it lets them relax. . . some. <grin>


Man that was a long ramble.

I think it's pretty cool. I  could tell folk tales about building it from deactivated terminators all day long. Needs a wider base for sure but . . .

 Well done for sure.


Frosty the Lucky

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