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So a couple more skull things. A little more refined idea of the spikes. I don't know what they are for other than home defense but they are fun and guys seem to like pointy things.

Also a key ring and a bracelet that is too small to wear.

Feedback is welcome.
thanks for looking.


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they work really well i reckon - as a pattern, i personally would have a go at More macabre and weird! more irregularly spaced and differently sized and shaped/expressions, still along the same theme - i have just woken up though... i think they look good :)

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Thanks guys.

@Beth, the lack of irregularity is due to me using a one sided fuller under the PH.

If I use my cutter under the PH then it makes it more irregular based on my drawing on the hammer.

The challenge with these was to get a method for creating the pattern.

Once I get that down then I will start playing with spacing, twisting so the skulls face different directions.
I want to do a counter twist with the skull in the middle horizontal to the bar or two skulls vertical facing opposite directions etc.

I'm going to the scrap yard tomorrow and looking for some bits to make into fullering dies in different shapes and sizes for under the PH.

I'm hoping it will improve my control in this project.

Thanks again for looking.

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