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#2 grade anvils

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I bought this 180 lb Fisher a few weeks ago, and while cleaning it up found this rather large casting goiter on the side. Which made me wonder, were there such things as #2 grade anvils sold, or were people just more accepting of common flaws which did not affect function? Just curious...


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That extra bit of iron would not affect performance and was probably sold as a #1.  However, for a while in the 1880's, Fisher did sell #2 anvils.  I have one that had the Eagle chiseled off.  The face has a sway in it, and the iron underneath has a bit of "settling". 


I do not think that they did this for long.  Their anvils had a reputation for quality and they had to protect the brand.  Most of the "defective" anvils went back into the furnace.  This included any that did not survive the face hardening process, or had a soft face or other defect.


I have several FISHER anvils with major casting defects.  There are a suprising number of them out there.  I am amazed at the defects, and that they ever left the foundry.

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my has a similar "casting flaw" but all i can think it it meant you were getting a slightly heavier anvil for your money

i guess my only concern would be did any of the sand that was the mold end up inside the body of the anvil when the mold side crumbled

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