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Alec Steele demonstrates at NWBA Conference

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Alec will be demonstrating at the NWBA conference this weekend. This is history in the making! Alec is 15 years old from the UK. He is a talented young man with a very good understanding of forging. He was the inspiration for last years Young Smiths program and he will also be back this summer to head up this years International Young Smiths team. If you can get to the conference, you should not miss his demonstrations. I am unable to attend, so I hope someone can report on this and share some pics of this event.

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I wish I could have went down for this but I have all our gear loaded for a railing we are doing on a island,


we have to leave on monday and it wouldnt have been feasable to work all these hours and drive nearly 1000 kms and then pack up our gear and head off.


maybe next time, I hope to go to the western states in august,


If we keep getting as many jobs as we are now I many never get a vaccation lol

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I saw him today (Saturday). I'm impressed. He did a cupping tool, hammer, drift, heart bottle opener, and a copper ring. In 4 hours while giving a well said description of what he was doing and why when doing so. Alec was articulate and I'm glad I had the chance to see his demo today.


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