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I Forge Iron

Hello from Houston TX


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Hello all


I have just built my first forge and am finally getting to continue my venture into blacksmithing that started when I was about 11. When I was a kid my parents owned a candle shoppe and one day next to thier shop a blacksmith opend up. I was immediately fascinated by it and everyday would watch the blacksmith work and ask questions and generaly bug the guy to death as kids of that  age tend to do. One day I guess he figued if i was going to be there he might as well put me to work, so he put me on the hand cranked blower and for the next month or so I be came his unofficial apprentice. I loved it, it was awesome and then I learned an important lesson,well two lessons really, one do not grab for iron if it falls out of the fire and two just because it is black does not mean it isnt hot!  Lucky for me it didnt do any serious damage and I just had to hold on to some ice for about a day. But for my parents it was to much and they made me stop.


Well flash forward 21 years, I'm all grown up( i use that phrase loosely) with a son of my own and figured i should stop talking about how one day im going to do some blacksmithing and just do it. So between youtube,the scrap yard, Lowes and a friends work shop I built a drum forge. Found an old 55 pound anvil in my grandfarthers barn and got to hammering.


I know I have a lot to learn and a ways to go but every journey has to start somewhere. Thats why I'm here I love forums, I find there is really no better place to get information whatever you are doing. So ill be around asking alot of questions ( I will try and hit up the FAQ first if I can) and sharing my adventure with you guys.




P.S I'll see if I cant get a couple pics of my forge up,everyone like pics right.




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Howdy from just a little north of ya! and welcome to IFI!  Check this bunch out  www.habairon.org  find out when there next meeting is and GO! They will  be glad to have you and will help you any way they can. Sure will shorten the learning curve to have someone helping eye ball to eye ball.  If you ever get up to the Longview area give me a holler, my shop is always open!

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Hey Max,


 Welcome to IFI. This is a great place to learn because there are so many different smiths with so many different ways. (quirks)


Joining your local group is the way to go. I started when I was 50ish so you have a good head start and your son will have a great head start. 


Again, welcome.


Mark <><

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Welcome aboard Max, gad to have you. If you'll put your general locatin in your header it'll save folk from having to ask all the time, you'll also find out how many smiths live within visiting distance.


Looks like you've a decent forge, a table and a brake rotor are good starts. You'll come across a better anvil almost as soon as you get with the HABA guys. Heck, seeing as three of them have already spoken up a nice anvil may be waiting you're first meeting.


Good to see you posting pics, we LOVE pics and it's good not having to say so to a new comer.


Oh yeah if you don't read my info I'm a bit north and west of you, you can ask Jerry W. for directions if you'd like to visit. I'm always happy to light a fire and abuse some poor innocent defenseless steel.


Frosty the Lucky.

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Hello N3cron99.  I'm a newbie too, and practically a neighbor in Cypress, TX.  Took several courses at Artistic Iron on Cypress North Houston, and got the bug really bad.  Ha!  Have a gas forge, an anvil and a few tools.  Welcome to the "illness" friend.  

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