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  I'm sure many smiths just starting to set up a permanent shop have run into the issue. You're hammering away at your lone anvil, and find that you need to set the hammer down and grab another tool. But there's no good place to set the hammer. Frantically, you review the options in your mind. The anvil? No,that will be in the way. On the floor? Tripping hazard. On the workbench? Too far away. And in the end, the steel gets cold and you're still holding the hammer, feeling like a fool.  (Or perhaps I'm only speaking of myself here :P )


  When working at the anvil,you need a place to put tools. Some shops have a bench close by,but I didn't . And since I'll be doing a public demonstration this weekend,the need for a "tool table" had to be dealt with.  So here's what I came up with...


 I wanted to capture that "old fashioned shop" look,so I didn't use any new materials. I built it out of mostly seasoned redwood and pine.The front is a "well weathered" piece of sheet steel I had laying in a corner,secured with lag bolts and washers.  Table top dimensions are 20"x16",with a height of 28"  . It's lightweight but very sturdy, and a convenient size. What say yee,fellow craftsmen?


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Nice table and solves a problem you were having. I think everyone has different things they do with the equipment, For me I am very close to other benches already with steel tops.

My forge is also rather farge and has a big section with nothing on fire, so i usually put things down there for a bit if need be.

But hey if i didnt have anywhere to put things I would make a little job table like this one, Might have thrown some wheels on it, at least 2, cant beat wheels lol

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I put this table together a couple of weeks ago after outgrowing, again, my previous set up.

the base was.......something, tossed to the curb, nice heavy steel casters on 1 inch thick walled tubing.


The 1x2 framing is all nailed thru holes drilled in the uprights, and the table surface is sheet steel.  Sturdy enough. I'd have preferred to weld it up from steel but didn't have the capabilities, either the cutting or the welding.



if the past is any prologue, I should outgrow this one in a year or two.


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I have a little table I made some years ago for another purpose and modified a little for working near the anvil. It's about 2'x2' and the same height as the anvil face so it can be a helper on occasion. The big difference from being a "normal" table is the hammer/tong racks. It has a rim so I made hammer/tong racks that slide onto the rim. The racks make packing and moving it much easier, I don't have to remove hammers and tongs, just lift it racks and all.


Wheels are nice, REALLY nice in the shop and there's nothing to say they can't be out of sight behind legs, easily removeable or whatever passes for "traditional/period" where you demo.


Frosty The Lucky.

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 It is all about the motivation... I had the idea in my head for weeks,it just took a long time to get around to it :rolleyes:  It really is an easy project too, it only took an afternoon to build. I just did a demo last saturday,and yes,I would have been lost without that table !


 The tongs I actaully obtained from another smith as part of a deal. They're made by Jim Keith over at JK Tools. http://jktoolscom.ipage.com/index.php?page_id=2


 Frosty, in regards to wheels, the concrete floor in my shop has yet to be,so they wouldn't do any good for me. But once i get it poured, I'll definately stick some rollers on it

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