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"Splatter/Splash" effect on finished product?


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I have been trolling the internet and can not find anything, so I remembered that I had made an account here a little while ago, so I should use it instead of letting it sit there! So here is my first post:

I am looking to add a little zing to some of my creations. I saw on a tv show that ZombieTools seems to splash something on the metal in the final stages of smithing. Does anybody have an idea of what they are using and how to do it? I'm attaching a few pics to show the desired effect. If there is a name for this effect, a thread already covering something similar, or any sort of advice at all it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!



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looks like a plain carbon steel that has been patinated using a spray/splashing of acid to give the splotches. I've never tried it myself (to me it looks 'orrible), but I know some dab blobs or mustard (ie vinegar) on the clean blade for similar effects

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I used thinned glue, put a brush in and threw the glue in Knife's direction.

This will perform the splatter effect. Then you have to let it dry and put the Blade in " chemical black finishing" ( i don't know the english word... the stuff like Gunblue)

It worked well for me... i used it on my modified opinel knife ( not the one i'm eating with... pretty toxic )

Mustard should work to.

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