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Where are the experienced knife makers who want to share their technique?


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There are a few guys who dabbled in knife making here in Chattanooga. I am willing to go learn from a serious bladesmith not too far from Pikeville, Tn. I'd come work all day for an hours practical knowledge.

You don't need to be a full time bladesmith but someone who's knives have not broken and hurt someone durring the course of intended use.

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 I was going to be a wise acre but decided to point you towards the knife making 101 section that Steve Sells and Rich Hale are doing. It shows step by step explaination and it might help you a bit. As far as specificly located smiths in your area, there are some I just forget WHO at this moment.

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Knife making magazines such as Knives illustrated and Blade, as well as the on line catalog Ag russels cutting edge list knfe makers and most ofter mags will have ads from them with contact info and a pic of a sample knife. Cutting edge has knves for sale with makers name..it would take a while but you could locate almost any one of them via google I bet.

You could also look in these pages for works of many of the makers  here and pvt msg them for location and see if they know anyone in your area, The ABS and Knifemakers Guild have websites. Most of the states have clubs or orgs that you could likely find.

You can likely find knfe shows or gun shows that include knfemakers and attend and meet and speak with makers.

Expand youir horizons a bit and seek,,you, shall find!

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Homeshow, I think people did read your post. It is not unlike a lot of others.


Relax, read the hard work that Mr. Sells and Mr. Hale have been putting out there. They have been bent over making the knowledge accessable to people who don't even know, they don't know. It is a very long stretch of knowledge, not to be absorbed in one sitting.


Relax and enjoy the journey. There is no destination. :) :)



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