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Still looking on the Alabama Gulf Coast

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I know everyone points at the sticky thread for groups... I've checked it. I have tried the Alabama Forge Council website, left messages for the president and the person listed as the Bay Chapter head. Even checking on the groups in Mississippi. The Bay chapter's person did not respond to my email and the phone number listed on the website doesn't work. The Mississippi groups are really not close enough for it to be feasible for me to get to spend much time there due to my work and family life. So if there is anyone who can help me find a local group or just even individual smiths willing to let a newb stop in and chat once in a while... please let me know by either posting here or PM me. Thanks everyone.



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Raymond Head of Ala Forge Council had some medical problems recently, from what I heard. He has been a really good guy to deal with for me. But that does not make it any easier for the present time. A neighboe of yours Tim ? is a good guy to deal with too, but presently I cannot remember his last name. He resides in Robertsdale, Ala. Perhaps someone else will chime in here.

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I appreciate the welcome signs guys. I don't get to do a lot of travel other than work. My wife is agoraphobic. Basically a shut-in. It makes travel difficult. But she's my heart and soul.


@ jmc: Tannehill is far enough away that i wouldn't be able to go regularly, but I definitely plan to go at some point. And thanks for the invite. If I ever get the chance to be up that way, I'll definitely drop a PM on ya and see if it's a good time to pop by or not.


@ cvm: The Bay would be preferrable due to proximity. Wiregrass could be a possibility for occasional visits.


@ hildenmw: I appreciate that. Will also drop you a pm if I get a chance to get up that way.

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Hey Ronin... 

  I'm one of the resident artists at Tannehill and can say that you are always welcome up here... Join our Face Book pages for more info on us...

That being said, contact Joe Strange from Fairhope. 16821 StateHwy181 is his address and phone is 251-990-8789 or 251-379-3855

He is a big force in the Bay forge and should be able to help....

Good Luck!

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@Kevin: Awesome. Thanks.


@Lee: I had left Joe emails through the email address the AlaForge website had for him. And tried calling the number the website listed for him, left a message there too. Just haven't gotten any response. I'll try again. As far as visiting Tannehill, it is a top slot on my 'to do as soon as I can' list.

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