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What kind of axe is this?

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I've had this for many years and wondered what it was used for? It looks factory made, by drop hammers? It's signed on both sides, but not if enough info for me to identify. Both signatures are off center differently and at slightly diferent location. It reminds me of a fireman's pickaxe, but it's only 8" long.

Any info would be appreciated.




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I would guess that it was intended as a stone mason's tool. It could also work well for a geologist or archeologist. The European style stone axe is often something like that. For a stone mason they are a much more useful shape than a brick hammer. As a remodeler I would use such a tool to remove old plaster... lotsa light fast chops pulverizes the plaster and you can get right down to the lath quickly. Some plaster men use shingle hatchets for this.

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Well, what do we know or can relatively safely assume?

-Made in New Jersey, in a town that ends in -ton
-Made by a company or person whose name ends in -rinslade
-Most likely drop forged, so there should be others
-Meant to be used on a hammer-style handle

Anything I'm missing?

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These links may help. Though nothing conclusive.




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