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JPH; Kind sir. I have acquired some grainy(nice) WI.

I have no experience with this material. I know that it has to be hot to shape. I wonder how to lay out and keep straight, while filing the grooves, in the ferrells that go behind the guard.

I started a topic over on DON'S site and did not get much feed back. They did tell me how to etch it. Nitric at 5:1.

Would you care to comment on this subject.GRIN..


Chuck Bennett

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W.I. needs to be FORGED hot , all your filework and grinding is done cold. Wrought iron is a pleasure to work, at the right temp it moves like soft butter under your hammer, just dont hit it in the black-red range as it will crumble. The stuff makes nice sword/ knife fittings(pommels and gaurds ) and is great for laminating with higher carbon steels to make wood working tools in the japanese style. As far as etching I like Cider vinnegar and sea salt, suspend the part over the mix for a few days, this works best when warm, this also works with damascus blades too , even produces a beautiful patina on copper.
Hope this helps man.


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Oakwoodforge; Thanks for the info. I had not heard of etching like that.. I will have to give that a try. I will have to figure how to duplicate the seawater. GRIN

I am 900 miles from the closest salt-water.BOG.

I have messed with some lower grade WI. Made some hooks and hinges out of it. No etching. YUP!! I splintered the end of one. Will not let it get that cool again.GRIN.



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low grade WI like wagon tires will literally explode if you hit it at too high a heat and cracks if worked at too low a heat, I use it for antique woodworking tool repairs, I just bring it up to an orange and work it under the power hammer a coupla times lightly. It destroys the grain and refines it so you can work it easily.

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