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Need advice/tutorial

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Hi im new to blacksmithing but want give it a go when have the few k needed to get started i want to build my own sword armour and sheild and was wondering does anyone know or have advice on building a solid metal sheild like this style/shape

that is wearable and can be "painted" with my design i already have a rough design for the sword and tutorials for basic sword making and chainmail making but im stuck on finding how make a sheild if i just cut out a massive sheet if it was made through pouring into a mould etc (i want to keep to original methods where can rather then perfect lazer cut design etc)

Imnew to blacksmithing (dont have tools or big space yet) but i have got a basic metalwork and welding qualifaction so can use most tools eg laythes etc if needed

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My 2 cents; If you are starting from scratch as I feel you are, start small. Very small. But never lose sight of your goals. In time you will gain the knowledge and experience so long as you are willing to learn, practice and most of all listen to the advice of the masters and those that have walked the path you are about to set out on.

Welcome to IFI.

Put on your profile where you are located and there should be some blacksmiths close enough to help.

Mark <><

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Well to get started blacksmithing you will need at least US$25; as that's how much the last beginner's set up I built cost---and that included: forge, blower, anvil and basic tools.

To make a shield like that you start with a piece of sheetmetal; cut the outline with a sabre saw with metal cutting blades. Curve it using a sheet metal roller---most likely borrow the use of one unless you will be doing LOTS of them. Paint/blue/etc the surface and apply the brass.

You will probably have to repousse your own decorative piece for the centre though.

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Hi Daniel, welcome to the site, for the shield you will need to use repoussee techniques, I would suggest before investing your few K in to tooling, invest a lot less in learning, take some classes, or join a suitable re-enactmant group, for swordmaking you could do no better than go to see Owen Bush,

If you want to keep to original methods, working a welder or a lathe is not going to help, Hand skills and hands on experience is what you need

Visit our UK guild page in the gropus section on this site and see what we get up to, we did have some Viking re enactors come as a group on a weekend course and they made shield bosses and fittings amongst other suitable items for their get togethers.

Next year we should also bein holding more courses including repoussee, and leafmaking which would be suitable for your purpose, basically thes introduce you to manipulating sheet metal to shapes you want. Check out our website.

There are others who also do courses who may be nearer to you. Try Merv Allen one of our long standing guild members through his contact details as an organiser on the South of England Show website here http://www.southofen...lacksmiths.org/

He makes armour, swords etc.

If you can get along to the Dorset Show tis next weekend, September 1st and 2cnd, ther is usually a small group of people there with armour, swords and maille they have made, they would be a good starting point for you to converse with.

Have fun and enjoy

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