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blade broke after quench

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i was hardening a bowie knife i made today. i made it from 5160 spring steel. i heated till it was nonmagnetic, then i quenched it in motor oil. i noticed it was a little warped and bent after the quench but i didnt see any cracks. i put it on the anvil to straighten it out a little and bam it broke in half. i didnt even hit it that hard. what did i do wrong?

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When it comes out of the quench and is cold it is as brittle as glass NEVER DO ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER TEMPERING!

I had a student who left a blade on his workbench after quenching as it was too late at night to temper---came back in the morning and it was in 3 pieces just due to the quenching stresses. TEMPER IMMEDIATELY!

If you do a differential temper You *might* be able to straighten a slight bend; but in general a bend requires reheating to straighten and then repeating the heat treatment---which is actually often a good thing metallurgically.

(there are situations with some alloys where you can straighten before it cools all the way down from a quench---but it's always a risk!)

The answer to the base question "what did I do wrong?" is: you didn't know what you were doing *before* you tried a tricky thing like blademaking. Why we suggest folks *learn* the basics before trying the graduate level skills. I mean you had practiced heat treating on similar shapes and alloys before doing the knife right?

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I'd skip the temper and put it right back in the forge in that case; but a temper never hurts! If your forge has a limited hot spot I might temper first to prevent more stress as only part of it gets heated at first.

BTW did you normalize several times before hardening?

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LOL! :lol: Reminds me of my first attempt. I made a machette out of a car spring, built a big fire and quenched it in a bucket of water. I wasn't happy with the shape so I started grinding on it and,,, :o it uncerimoniously broke in half. Learn the soft back draw/and or edge quench. If you get a little warp you can usually straiten the blade after its tempered.

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Only broken a couple that way, am mostly self taught apart from the club I am a part of. Been there since I was about 13 yrs old.
Broke one recently, it was one that I tried to make really thin. used spring steel. Had another file I used
the other day that was broken, drew it out and thinned it down a bit. If I hadn't it would only have a 1 1/2in or so blade.
Best I have hardened, First file I hardened.Kept on thinking it would break. Plenty left to break when I try other steels and blade styles later on. Bet we all do, even the experienced blokes. Can't seem to get the pictures right when you click on them though.

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