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Easiest way for me to anneal?

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I have two products, a 1085 large knife and a 5160 tomahawk that I need to harden and anneal. Hardening will be heating up in my forge and quenching in oil. The plan for annealing was to use my oven, which has promptly died in protest of this idea before I could even test it. So, I have a butane/propane torch, a forge, a BBQ with a temperature gauge and two pieces to anneal, probably at the same temperature.

What do you think is the best course of action, bearing in mind that this is the only annealing I have done?

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I think you have your terms mixed up.

To anneal is to remove all hardness from the metal, to undo the heat treatment in simple terms.

After you harden the metal the next step is to temper.

Any one of the heat sources you mentioned can be used to draw a temper as long as you raise the temp slowly and in a controlled manner. Old school method is to heat a chunk of steel in the forge and place the piece you want to temper upon it. It will heat up slowly and you can watch the oxide colors run through the steel.

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Both of those items can profit from a differential tempering where the cutting edges are harder than the body.

For the knife you might want to look into "tempering tongs" and for the hawk you might forge a mild steel piece to fit the eye and then heat that piece in the forge and drop it in the eye to heat from the eye out.

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