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made some stuff this weekend

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spent some time in the forge this weekend. Forged an eye punch from 3/4 spring so i can make a handled eye punch. also used a little pice of a tire i got to make a set of snipe hinges. this is my first go at WI. WOW this stuff is like butter when its yellow hot. the dia. are a little off on the higes but im sure they will work. i need a lot more practice.

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The punch looks good but I don't know what the too cotter key shaped units connected at the round part are. Are those the "Snipe" hinges? I don't know what a snipe hinge is so I'm looking forward to learning something new.

Wi is another world to forge, do it hot enough and it's a dream too cool and it can be a real bear.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty, yes that is a snipe hinge. The are an old form of hinge used on chests and other lidded boxes. One side is driven through the lid and and bent over like a cotter pin and the same goes for the chest. Kinda like two eye hooks. Hope this helped.

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Snipe hinges were very common on old chests and boxes, the only down side is they wear out over a long period of time.
So if you get chance to look at some really old chests and boxes you may be lucky to see intact snipes but you are more likley to see the remains of were they used to be and that they have been replaces with standard hinges at a later date.

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