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Hey- Share those Great ABANA pictures with those that couldn't make it... Please....

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I was so bummed when I finally had to throw in the towel about making it to ABANA. I had a ride, likely a place to stay but no money for the ticket. If you have pictures, I sure would like to see them. Videos of team Claudio would be most excellent too. I have friends on the team and I helped make some of the tools...

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I haven't taken my pictures off my camera yet but here's a video I took of Brian Brazeal's young blacksmiths making a giant thumbtack.

Nice video- Watching them getting wound up... Then the misfire. I don't know how many times I have done that....
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A couple shots from Rapid City. The lock is from the gallery and the viking door was the sample for
the Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths.

It was so hot most everyone just turned off their forges and used the new black asphalt to
heat up their metal.


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Here is a very impromptu demo item I did in the vendor area at the ABANA conference.

I made about 99% of this with Ken Zitur's KZ100 power hammer.

All the stamping and chiseling was done with the hammer with the exception of the nostrils, the only hand work was the riviting of the parts together, setting the nostrils and scrolling of the hat, the rest was done with Kens hammer. This was a good way to show what can be done with a power hammer that has good control.

The wizard started as a 1 inch round bar
The hammer is one piece from a 1 inch round bar
The anvil and stand is one piece from a piece of 1-1/4" square
The base was forged from a 1-1/2" cube

The whole thing is 12" tall and the anvil is 3" long

Many people stopped to watch as I was working on this, and I would like to thank those of you who gave me compliments while I was forging this.

Nice Hammer Ken!!!


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It was a fantastic trip to South Dakota. Wow. Now I understand why people choose to live out west. It was great to see new people and ideas at the forges as well. Thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to put it on.

I primarily shot pictures of the Gallery items. I am not a professional photographer but I do take it seriously just like I do my blacksmithing. I learned a lot about shooting product shots so I am happy. Next time I will be more prepared and, I hope, produce better results.

I posted my pictures to a collection on my Flickr account linked to below. I am still annotating them.


- Doug Wilson

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