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Babbit bearing oddity- OEM or Mod?

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I'm rebuilding my Kane & Roach 85# hammer. Started in on the babbit for the main shaft today, and found a modification that I assume was done by a previous owner. A series of drilled holes to key in the babbit. Doesn't appear in the top caps, but they have a lip all the way around the babbit seat to lock it in. What do you guys think, original to the hammer or old modification? I've never re-babbited a hammer before, are keys and lips common?

The rooster pic is just for fun, the iron clad rule here is NO chickens in the shop, a concept my wife's free range birds seem to have difficulty understanding.

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That is very common in babbit bearings. All the Little Giants and other bearings I have poured have holes like that some are drilled but most are cast in. Be sure and clean all the old babbit out before you pour.

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