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Newb found anvil have questions

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Guy I work with found this anvil for me. It's about 110lbs and no markings. Looks like some letters etched on side. I can see a big E but looks hand written. The waist of the anvil looks to have been welded maybe? I have attached 6pics. it's $250/obo. Top is fairly level. It has a good ring from what I can tell. It also looks like the top does not sit direct on top of the base. What do you all think?







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Most anvils were welded at the waist, the earlier one were forge welded, the latter ones sometimes are arc welded. Looks like it's seen some time in a rust inducing environment that has shown the weld join quite a bit.

It has a forge welded on steel face so if you buy it be careful not to reduce the thickness of that face.

It looks to be a good anvil to me. Having checked the ring and rebound and if you want it, the price is not excessive---depending on where you are. (you may want to edit your profile to list your general area as many smithing questions are location dependent...)

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Anvil looks pretty durn good to me for the price. I'd go for it if I were you. You could rub chalk all over the side with the lettering and then wipe it off, you should be able to read more of the writing after that.
If you take some of the rust off with a wire brush on a polisher that'd help too.

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Possibly a cast steel anvil as there are no handling holes on either end. face and edges look great. Wire buff if you like, then wipe down with a light oil or wax then GET TO WORK!! As for the price, no matter the $$ I will offer less...that's just me. I bought a 105# Hay Budden for $60.00 several years back when the guy was asking $75.00....he wanted it out of the back of his car!!

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