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2013 Southern Blacksmith Conference in Madison, GA

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Hello all,

Please make palns to attend the Biannual 2013 Southern Blacksmithing conference in Madison, GA.
details can be found at the following link:


This conference is always a good one.

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I'll be headed up there for the event, and I'll have about a thousand pounds worth of iron currency with me for trading or for selling on the swap day... As of right now we're looking at bringing;


#155 English ( I've identified a single G as far as make is concerned)

#60   Columbia 

#166 German Trenton (if I can get it repaired in time)

#156 Soderfors Sweden 

#260 JHM Competitor (Like New)

... and one or two more...


Really look forward to seeing some of you gents up there... I had great pleasure in meeting a great many members of ABBA and watching the Phenix City Blacksmiths demo at this most recent ABANA convention... This seems as if it's going to be a bit more engaging...

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This is my 1st and Tailgate. I am coming from Wilmington NC.   


I dont have a ton, but this is what I will be bring with me to GA.  


100# Old Englsh

125# Acme

150# Fisher (1940)

100# Fisher (dated between 1883 & 1891)

2 5" Post Vises

CK Forge

and some tong and hammers


I cant wait.

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I was able to attend, by the grace of some higher power (the wife), but I am afraid that I won't be around for the next meeting. She wasn't supposed to be home when I got back Saturday night, and based on her reaction, you'd a thought I had lipstick on my collar.


I'm locked in the garage right now, and should have enough food and water to last me a couple of days. 


I had a great time though, the event itself was a first for me. It was way bigger than I expected, with all kinds of goodies. I also seenluckysmut there too, and PPP. A couple pointed me to the site, a couple told me not to bother. I'm enjoying the content so far. :D

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It was a great event and well worth putting on your calendars for 2015 especially if you are in the Southeast. For those who could not make it, I have posted my photos on Flickr. There are lots of good pictures of Ernie Dorrill's demos and a mixed selection from Steve Williamson depending on how I jumped back and forth between them. If you are interested in Ernie's work, check out my photoset from his class at Campbell Folkschool earlier in the year. I have detailed pictures of more of the chasing tools used in his SBA demo in that set.




They are in chronological order but check the tags to select for the demo you want to look at.


Doug Wilson

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