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  1. I tried the wood thing and well i hope it was a joke or i did something wron because i didnt get much success out of that but i will have it finished soon enough with pics Tim
  2. thank you for the advice i will try the wood trick and i'm not really sure since the shape isn't what i thought it would be it probably just be a show piece. I plan to try to make one more the the original shape i had in mind and i think i will try micarta as i saw a really good tutorial on how to make it. Thank you again for all the help Tim
  3. I am to i think i will only polish the bevel and leave the upper part of the blade with a pitted finish. Tim
  4. Hello all, First i would like to say its been well relativly forever since i have posted or commented anything on here but im trying to get alittle better about that. So my main reason for posting this is to talk about a knife i plan to make for my mother as part of her christmas present. It will be made out of leaf spring and hopefully will have a bone handle with a full tang. I would of course appriciate any tips or tricks anyone has picked up on working with both materials. I will of course be posting pictures as soon as i am able. I have already roughed out the tang and plan to start forming the blade today. Thank you for your time, Timothy Well i worked some on it today and this is hows it come out. I do however think it has turned into a clever of some sort and the tip did curve up to much as i didn't compensate for the bevel quite enough i guess i forgot how thick a leaf spring was. I hope you like it. Ohh also yes i am forging in converses... probably not my best idea ever. Tim
  5. i hope to one day be able to do work like this hawk that is amazing. Best regards! Tim
  6. If it heats your piece than it works, my only suggestion or at least from the little i have seen when building/using my own forge is that you should get a metal pipe that you can allow your air to flow into the fire and not just on it. I think that this would help you reach higher temperature otherwise i mean work with what you have. Tim This was from my very little useful knowledge i hope it helps
  7. also though no he does plan on using them and if they were for display i'm almost sure he would make me make some sort of fastening system on the forge. Tim
  8. Although i would love to have a mule i do not currently own one. Tim
  9. Well I don't think he plans to display i think he will use them but we do have a lot to do and i personally do not know anything about plows he is the country boy (hes the one in the overalls in the photos) i just know enough about blacksmithing that he tells me what to do and i do it so its all up to him he just needs my help on the forging parts and no their are like 3 plows like this and than a few different ones not counting other farm stuff he wants to work on.
  10. Well my friend who acts as a striker for me sometimes found 6 old mule plows and we started with the repairs on them he wants them all in working order this is the first one we repaired it is totally done we had to make the crossbar for the handles everything else is original except the handles and bolts we did a lot of straightening on the bars. I hope you like the pictures. Tim
  11. Hello Everyone Tim here and i will be passing by Savannah next weekend (the 11th) and was curious if anyone know of a place that sold coal in that area as i am in need of coal and normally have to make a trip out of my way but why i'm going through Savannah i was curious if anyone knew of a location. Tim Thanks in advance your the help.
  12. 1. Tim Adams 2. South Georgia 3. Hooks and knifes some fire tools 4.interested because i'm a big history buff old farm anvil that i use to this day was my great great grandfathers 6.brake drum but i only used for a few months then built a small brick one 7.a few smiths at fairs when i was much younger and a few people who do youtube videos 8. receiving the anvil that made me research building a forge 9.i would have to say an angle grinder 10.its hard and its rough at first but stick with it because it is worth it 11. ha i would hope they could give me advice because i don't have much to give 12.actually finishing a piece the way i wanted it to look normally if its going good i end up over heating it and melting it Tim
  13. This is the first blade i have made that isn't a railroad spike knife tell me what you think. Tim