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Gas Forge Modification Question


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Hello all,

I have a two burner forge that has one input for the gas and no option to use one burner. The set up looks like stone henge with the burners forming the uprights with the supply pipe that crosses the top of both. What I want to do is to be able to switch from using one burner to two. I know it will involve cutting the cross pipe and plugging the new open ends. My question is what do I use for new gas inputs? Mig tips? What size? Drill a hole in the cross pipe and weld in the tip? See picture.

Any input would be greatly appreciated,


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You don't want any restrictions on gas into the headers. Do it the same way they did it for the single input double output but split it into two.

Note that the vertical burners may have problems with the chimney effect when one isn't being used. Is there a brass orifice in the burner that could melt?

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It only needs a little replumbing. Make a different manifold, so long as it's at least half again the size of the final supply tubes running down to the jets it'll supply plenty to the jets. Put a "T" from the main supply hose to the manifold and a 1/4 turn ball valve between the "T" and the final supply lines.

I know that sounds more complicated than it is but it's pretty simple.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The forge I got off of eBay from CK Forge. It works well for the most part. I did find out that he was using a smaller supply line and when I replaced it with a true 1/4 line the heat went up. Plus I added a coat of Plistix to help with the heat and life of the ins-wool.

I think I figured out what to do. I am going to cut out the middle section of the pipe, seal the ends, drill holes, weld on the new pipe nipples, add a ball valve to the new one, and T the supply line. Plus cut out a plug from some spare ins-wool so i don't get the chimney effect from the unused burner.

Thanks for the feedback and advice.

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