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Estate sale finds (lots of pics)


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Went to an Estate sale today. Guess an old rancher that had lived in his shop for years passed away. Wish I could have been there for the initial shop cleanout. All sorts of good stuff being given away. Missed an anvil, guessing it was around 150lbs as the brother had said it was carried away by the guy who bought it.
home job pedestal grinder $100
cool old drill press $200
beauty of a post vise. to be left as a selling feature for the shop :( wouldn't take $75 for it. screw was well greased nice and tight.
4" post vise with broken box no spring was seized up got it along with 2 scythes, rock hammer head and masons straight peen 12lb I believe for a $20 dollar bill. There is a ?5 stamped on the moveable jaw could be a 35 it's hard to tell due to dings. haven't seen any other marking yet. the crosshatching on the jaws is still quite bold. the vise was half buried in the scrap steel pile. feels good to rescue it.
$800 obo for an old truck.
clamp on drill, handle ratchets. might be just what I need to re-drill some holes in a logging truck bell housing aquired with vise
the box is freed up just need to get some measurements and turn a new end to be welded on then just like new. So if anyone has some measurement on the total length of the box on thier 4" post vise would apprecciate it.
straight peen and rock pick
either a 1S or a 15 stamped on the bottom of the mounting plate.

Took a buddy back because he was a little interested in the trucks. Wish I had more room. All the bits an pieces, odd's and ends were going into the scrap heap to be shipped out. cans of bits for an old brace and bit. pulleys ratcheting 20ton jack, all sorts of things old and unique. Made me sad, but can't bring it all home nor pay for it. Need some pay checks first.






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Thanks Thomas. It is a neat device. I had first thought it might be something railroad related, drilling holes in the end of the track or something. Dad figured drilling something out on farm equipment. Can't remember now what he had said, think it was something to do with knives on a swather Really wish I had money and room for the 5 window gmc's never mind the drill press and pedestal grinder. And the big vise just keeps niggling away at me. Just know that it's not very likely that whoever buys the place will look after it.

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One of the neat things about the cole drill is that *you* can apply much more pressure on it that a standard drill. A common demo is to drill a hole in a leafspring---at the original temper!

I used mine to drill 1/2" holes in 1/2" steel when setting up a post vise stand

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