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auction blowers


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here are two blowers i picked up at an auction a month a go. the first is a tiger it is not cleaned up yet but works great. i know it is canedy otto's economy line post-12147-0-63165200-1337480362_thumb.j now the next one i don't know who the maker is and would like help finding out, post-12147-0-97788200-1337480134_thumb.jpost-12147-0-30716800-1337480262_thumb.j
the blower is just like the tiger except where it mounts is slightly different. and the stand is more like a champion lancaster mount. my lancaster has the same style but is a four sided mounting arm not a stand. could it be a champion blower?

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Aww why not? Considering I just picked up a mint condition PEXTO stake plate for under $10 at the scrapyard (and for free if you consider that the other stuff that came in that $10 can be sold today for more than $10...) I think I can take a bit of gloating---or commiseration if you went the other way...

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Folks know I'm a blacksmith and give me stuff as they have no use for it. My Champion 400 and Buffalo 201 were both free along with tongs. The blowers were clean and painted. However, niether one has a stand. That is what a used truck brake drum is for.

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