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A $35 Hay Budden we thought was a Trenton anvil

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My brother in law and I went to my friends Marks house to get power hammer we are building, well brother in law is building, it's all welded, started at 10am got done 7:45pm. While we were there I went over to his anvil, which we thought it was a 149# Trenton, to our surprise Trenton turned into a 200# plus Hay Budden. The serial number is A29047, right under the horn, and Hay Budden Manufactering Company on the side of anvil, see photos.



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How did he manage to think it was a Trenton? The Hay-Budden stamped on the side is pretty obvious. What size is the table on a 200+ pounder? $35 is a heck of a deal. Tell him I'll double his money.

I have two Hay Buddens, 112 and 163 pounds. Mine are just under 4 inches wide which is a little narrow. They also have quite a ring if you are working near the heel or on the horn.

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Pat, if you look at that last picture of the anvil when he first got it, it was rusty, you could not see any markings, had something welded on one of the sides. I had to use a wire brush to see the serial number on the bottom and manufacturing marking on the one side. Mark removed the welded on piece of metal and must have just cleaned it very lightly. While Mark was welding I was using a hand wire brush and I went to town on it. Really he could use a power wire brush and make it look brand new, oil it and leave it, in his will for me.

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