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Little brothers can make you laugh.....

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So i was talking to my 8 year old brother today about blacksmithing. When i told him that i considered myself a blacksmith he said nooo you arent a blacksmith. I said'' well how do you figue that.'' He came back at me and said '' well bubba (that is my name to him) you are white not black so that makes you a whitesmith.'' I couldnt stop laughing for the next 20 minutes. Sometimes i am kinda proud of the boy, hopefully one day he will follow in my footsteps and become a member here so he too can one day be a whitesmith!!!

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Whitesmith at the start of the day but how about after a few hours or do you have clean coal?

I agree, little brothers can be funny. My little brother is 13 years older than I am but it's sure fun to see him get steamed when I call him little brother.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I used to have a book titled "the Art of the Colonial Whitesmith", in it was illustrations of examples of period work of "whitesmiths". These were men who would work in iron and steel and make utensils for use in the house such as carving knife and fork sets for the masters table where there was no evidence of the makers hammer ever having touched the metal, lots of file work, also things like scissors, sugar cone cutters, tweezers, surgeon tools, just any tool that was finished and not left rough. I mad the mistake of loaning this book to a fellow who wanted to copy some period tools to make in his forge and thus I never saw the book again. He swore on his father's grave that he never borrowed it, turned out his father wasn't dead. I now get a signed and notarized receipt from folk when I loan out one of my smithing books.

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