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My new Peddinghaus anvil

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I purchased this used anvil today. It's hard to come across good used anvils in Denmark and I didn't want to buy a new one as they are way too pricey. It has a nice ring to it when you hit it just right and you can tell it's quality. It weighs exactly 110 lbs, but I plan to take it off the stand, cut the stand completely level and sand it, put the anvil back on and use four perforated hanger irons to secure it. The stand weighs around 45 lbs.

I got a hammer and a tong ordered, the forge is long done and ready, I've found a lot of steel for forging and only need some coal now.




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Beauty! I wouldn't take it apart unless there was some serious wobble to fix. If the stand wobbles on the floor, you can check that with some shims. Personally, on a stump with that small of a footprint I would be inclined to add some lumber around the base to widen it. This would make the anvil more stable when you're working on the horn or hardie, and get rid of the wobble.

All told, you did great. That's a pristine anvil and it'll do you well for the next hundred or so years.

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