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What the HECK is this!!??

Thomas Dean

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Met a man this evening, he had an anvil for sale of which I purchased but that's another story....OK, it was a Vulcan and will make a nice starter for someone....

He has asked all the old folks at the coffee shop what it is. Everyone he works with, anyone that MIGHT know and still has no real good explaination as to what it is. I asked if I could take a few pics and post it to see what I could come up with so here tis!

There is a piece that slides down the tube that looks like it was intended to push whatever was in the tube out the end.(see last pic) The overall length is 16-18" and about 1 1/4"dia. There are small dents and dings in it but other than that it is in great shape. He thinks that it was possibly used for taking cheese samples and I thought maybe taking samples of grains.
post-249-0-93990900-1332472025_thumb.jpg post-249-0-21555200-1332472046_thumb.jpg post-249-0-99824100-1332472083_thumb.jpg

So, what are YOUR ideas of what it is????

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Maple syrup tester, the thicker it gets the less you need to test.... not really sure though.

Actually my answer is an adjustable scoop for animal portioning, they all get so many scoops of grain, a couple get so much of a scoop of oats, and so many get so much of a scoop of alfalfa.. hypothesis... withouth testing cant be theory...

my 5 cents...

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