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mounted postvise today


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my son and i finally got around to mounting our vise yesterday. i cut a 2 1/2' chunk of 8x8 and nailed it flush to the bottom of a 5' piece of 8x8(sorry for the confusion) put it in the ground 2 1/2' so the smaller piece is flush to the floor. plumbed and leveled put in a 80# bag of ready mix. then i drilled a 1" hole in a 1/2" RR fish plate to mount the post in. i cut my post flush to the bottom of the mounting bracket and laged it down. shes as solid as a rock!




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Great job!

Just to allay any confusion, not getting nit picky. That bit of rail road iron is not a fish plate. It is a tie plate.

Tie plate~


The tie plate is the part that sits flat on the ballast (rocks) that the wooden tie rests on, one under each rail on each side so each tie has two. This is what pins the rail to the tie with spikes driven through it.

Fish plate~


The fish plate is used to bolt together two sections of rail where they butt up end to end. It is affixed to the side of and spans the two sections of rail.

I used to work as a "carknocker" in a railcar repair facility and sometimes had to do track maintenance so I got to know all this useless trivia.

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My 6" post vise is mounted to the utility pole that holds up the shop roof on that side of the shop---buried 5' and concreted in.

For the center of the floor vise I plan to cement in a large square piece of tubing and mount the vise on a different piece that will nest in the buried one so I can remove the vise when I need to move something large into the shop.

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