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A curious new person's sword question


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I am sure many will be saying "Oh no here we go again" but please bear with me. Firstly I do not have the current ability to properly make anything in a forge let alone feel delusional enough to attempt a sword. But I do like reading and as there are no blacksmiths that I am aware of in my area this site is my main source of information.

Anyhow to the point of this thread....I started reading this forum ( as my interest mainly lies with blade smithing) and after reading all the comments on sword making and how difficult it is etc I decided to google sword makers to see who was out there and what they produced.

One of the sights was Cold Steel...they had some impressive video clips which included chopping a pig in half and pushing the sword through a car bonnet and what really got me was the bending in a vice.

So for someone who does not know and thought this was impressive.....Are they as good as they claim to be? Can anybody post me the web address for what you would consider to be a great modern day sword maker?

I have no desire to own a sword (unless it is Excalibur) but I do appreciate them.

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Great ones? In no particular order
Don Fogg..Maine
Louie Mills..Michigan
Howard Clark..Iowa
Vince Evans..Hawaii
Patrick Barta..Czech Republic
Kevin Cashen..Michigan
Peter Johnson..Sweden
to name a few
there are a good number of folk who are doing very fine work and will be masters in due time. I tend to lump quality of person in with quality of product. The above are honest about what and how they do their craft.

Production blades...I'd say the folks at Arms & Armor in Minneapolis (they also formed the Oakeshott Institute).

As for "best sword that can be made"..there is no such animal...never was and never will be.
Excalibur is a myth..hard to make/own a myth...though there are many who will happily sell you one. If they say they can..then they are lying...Show me a liar and I'll show you a thief.


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