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I Forge Iron

can somebody help

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I lived in the goldfields area of West Aust some twenty years and was working on minara station just before it was sold to a mining company In the blacksmiths shop were some short metal rods which were very hard and had the word COBALIDE 1 written on them Were they used for hard facing ? And could they be used in the forging of knife blades?

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Might start by Spark testing BP0020 Spark Testing
maybe forge out a thin section and quench see if it hardens - break it.
play with it to see what forge temps to work in
it may crack or crumble at to high a heat or may be air harding.
Might be better for tools like punches & chisels not saying you can not make a knife from it.

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I have some metal rods marked COBALIDE 1 Which are about 12 inches long some are about316 diameter and some 14 You can't mark them with a file or a hacksaw ,the grain structure seems quite coarse .I obtained them from a station in the north eastern goldfields of west australia . Could they have been used for hardfacing? How would I use them in forging knife blades

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