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Can anyone tell me the history behind this type of forge. I found it in Salisbury, NC on Craigslist. It was in an old barn. Everything seems to be in really great shape. I believe everything is original. It has a 19" cast iron pan, a hand crank that turns a gear which is attached to a pully with a leather belt connecting to the forge. I replace the belt with a new piece of leather. The forge turns freely and generates a lot of airflow for its size.. It looks like the original tuyere is there too. Any idea who made it and how old it could be. I spoke with an old blacksmith and he recommended that I line the fire box with a portland cement mix (1 part portland, 3 parts sand) to protect the cast iron from getting to hot. Attached are a few thumbnail.

Thanks in advance for any help.




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Good score for sure! I lined mine with fire clay rammed in while just moist enough to clump. I think you got enough sand in the cement it'll be okay. If it heat checks either increase the sand or use 4pts fire clay to 3pts sand to 1/2 pt cement it'll be reasonably fireproof.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Very nice score. I'm on the other side of the state from you and am looking for one to do demos. If it wasn't for the dogs vet bill, the fuel pump on the truck dying and misc other day to day items I would have one. But I am happy with my stationary forge for now. Good luck and enjoy.

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I'm new at this blacksmithing stuff... I pulled it out of my shed this afternoon and fired it up for the first time... I made myself a "Door Pull", and a "Rope Cleat"...

Thanks to Ridgewayforge for telling me about the textbook "Farm Blacksmithing" book by John F. Friese.


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My catalog from 1920 lists that as the Champion Agricultural Crank Forge Model no. 152

18inches by 4inches deep I think the fan said 10 inches, but I have come to find that when the book said 10 inches that is the size of the fan housing NOT the fan. The fan would be about two or so inches smaller.

I'd post up a picture but I'm not versed in copying a picture from the PDF file to the computer.It wants to copy the entire 300+ pages!!!!!

Trust me, it looks exactly like yours,, so I really don't need to................

If nobody has mentioned this, it would appear that your coal (if that is what it is) is about 10 times too big. You'd be happier with very small pieces or even sreenings-sand like size.

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