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you just can't have enough punches

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I use four a lot - small and large round & small and large slot. Others

I use drifts to open / shape chisel cuts (and punch holes) to the size / shape I want. Nearly all my drifts are mild steel, easier and quicker to make them with.

Which part of Buck's are you in?

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Women usually say the same about their shoes - Ironic choice of ad that came up with your post :D

I have a closet full of them... good thing I can build my own boot/shoe rack!

oh, the punches, a few coffee cans full of those too.... although I have favourites I tend to use most often.
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I took a quick look at my shadow boxes on the wall and in the shop I probably have 150 punches chisels and drifts. I have probably another 3 or 40 in the demo toolbox in the trailer. I have a plan right now to make about 15 more. Sets of slit punches and drifts 3/8 1/2 5/8 and 3/4, square, square on the diamond and round along the line of What Brian Braseal uses This will probably replace about 25 tools that are not the best. Hey cool I will make new ones and reduce the overall number, maybe I can fid the ones I want now and not have to make a new one every time.

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