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I Forge Iron

From cold call to hot item

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I wanted to show friends the small items I forge (door handles, hooks of all trades,etc.). I had mounted them on wood plaques and carried them in a plastic container with a lid, something that has business looks while being rugged. The container had been left in the car. That was a while back.

Being mechanically challenged to the utmost, I had to bring my chain saw to the chainsaw garage. It is located in a small town around here I rarely go to. Going through, I noticed a florist’s shop with a sign in the window saying “Gifts” to the sun. I thought of the container with my samples. I stopped the car. I hesitated. I said no, I said yes. I got out of the car telling myself that a reject in this case is nothing personal and generally pumping my courage up, I had never done this.

I got to the door, took a deep breath and while I was telling the lady that I am a blacksmith (her eyes widened, I noticed) and that I had objects in my car that might be of interest to her and that I would get them to show her if she allowed me, I looked around for clues as to what might interest her. She agreed.

In the back of the car, I took out the door handles, kept the hooks for the plants, removed the door hooks, kept the key fobs and hearths (Brian Brazeal’s Valentine Day hearths). I returned with my stuff and more confidence than when I came in. The call was not cold anymore. She had asked to see my stuff. She was curious, interested.

At the end she took five key fobs and no plant hooks and no hearths and I was surprised, not discouraged, surprised. At any rate, my sale paid for the chainsaw garage man who laughed at me again that I could not fix such a trifle problem on my own. Large laughs, small bill and a proportionate sale.

When I delivered the key fobs, the florist was very happy and impressed (leafs with a knot in the tail). Again I showed her the hearts and reminded her that she supplied weddings and that a heart around a napkin would be a great gift to the wedding participants. Her eyes got wider still. I pointed to her that the profits she’d make from the hearths would pay her transport and part of the manpower to setup the flowers. Big eyes I got. I thanked her and walked out.

I will go back. With more. I am looking into the possibility of offering her a package made from a hearth around a cotton napkin embroidered with the initials of the spouses. I would order the napkins for her. All she would have to do is make the sale. And I'll do this before spring turns loose and bring my plant hangers and plant hooks.

A cold call like that one can turn us into a hot item. With a project like the napkin in the hearth, we become partners with the client.

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I would strongly thing that Yves is meaning "hearts". it's gotta be that accent thingy.
Thank you Yves for your description of events. it is inspirational.

Yes, hearts, learned from Brian Brazeal.

Mr Dean, I am sorry I did not reply to your question about the "hearth" when you put it to me. The "follow this topic" button does not seem to work.
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