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Practical uses for large air cylinders?

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Fist off let me state I'm pretty bad with penumatics. Fluid dynamics was one of my worst subjects in school.

I have these two rather large air cylinders that I've had sitting around for 5 years or more. They are steel tie-rod syle cyliders with cast heads for flat mounting, 250 psi max. If I remeber right they are 6" bore X 44" stroke w/ 3/4"npt ports,a 1 1/4" rod and a clevis end. I beleive the clevis unscrews from the rod. I keep thinking i should just get rid of them to clear out some space. There previous duty was manhandling large rolls of paper.

I've never done anything with them because I figured they'ld be unsuitable for use on normal air hammers. Massive air requirements and gaint size. Lately I've been wondering if one might work for making a long stroke air "striking" hammer, low blows per minute so less air consumption. Maybe with a hollow/tubular anvil for slipping the end or bars in. I realize this would make for a pretty tall hammer. Note sure how fast it would be with the size ports it has.

Any thoughs? Any other practical application with these?



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28.26 square inch cylinder cross section, less 1.22 square inches for the rod is say net 27 square inches. Let's say you can pull 10psi vacuum so 270 pounds of vacuum lift, 7psi vacuum is 189 pounds of lift, 5 psi vacuum is 135 pounds lift. Interesting idea.


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Yup, add a fly wheel and some valving and it sounds like a self contained hammer in the making. Google "self-contained forging hammer patent", or look here http://www.anvilfire.com/power/ Click on the home built then self contained link. I've got something similar 3/4 finished collecting dust in the back of the shop just waiting for a little free time.

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How are you handling the pump/compressor side on your self contained project? Are you using an air cylinder in "reverse" for that? If so how are you converting the rotary motion to linear motion?

It seems problematic to me to try and turn an air cylinder into a pump/compressor because it doesn't have the rotary swing available like a connecting rod/piston combo an engine or air compressor does.

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