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getting ready for the arts and crafts season


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Heres just a few things i have been working on to get ready for the upcoming arts and crafts season here in Richmond. Have already been juried and accepted into the big fancy nationally recognized Arts in the Park in May so i need to make lots of fancy fooferaw!! pics taken at nite in my shop so they dont show the best in the light of the halogens.











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Same here. Getting ready for the horse shows I sell at and the local fairs. The heart with the double hooks is sweet! Some shows start up in March and since I have been busy working on the new smithy, my forge time has suffered over the last few weeks. Time to focus.
Good luck with sales!

Mark <><

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Really like your roses! I use laser cut, blank kits and they look just like a "kit" rose. Sounds like you demo for student groups. I require that the teachers or chaperones stay with the kiddies otherwise they just
turn the group over to you while they stand off talking among other teachers or worse on the cell phone. Also, tell the students to hold their questions until your presentation is over or you just get "questions" telling
about their own experiences. Just my 2 pennies worth, Har in Ft Myers

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Will try to answer as best i can about time on each of the items i have pictured above and pricing. Remember that pricing here in VA might be a bit different than where you are but dont cut your own throat just to get the sale but always have a friends and family discount as bottom line. The calla lillies were actually very easy to make. I did cheat a bit by mig welding the flower cups to the stamen and you can do that either before or after you roll them just blend them nicely and noone will know. I believe i have the three pack of lillies going for $75 and it took maybe an hr and a half to make all 3. the leaves were the hardest part of them to make actually!

the mason jar candle holders were just one offs and each one had to be fit to each jar so it took time to get everything tweeked just right. if you have a bunch of jars of the same type then things could go much faster and increase bottom line. sold these at $25 with the jar.

Nutcrackers made of 12" of 3/8 sq..took 20 minutes to make and sold at $22.50 each....at Xmas time i couldnt make them fast enough for the demand! make a bottle opener curl on one of the reins so they do double duty to increase functionality.. and test each bottle opener on your own bottle of choice to ensure they work!!

Roses took about 2 hrs each to make from 3/8 rnd....hardest part is curling tightly enough but it gets easier as you make them... hint..use channel locks to curl themfrom the sideagainst the anvil for the tightest curl and put the stem in the center. Selling for $80 each

the fancy polished utensil set and hanger took about 6-8 hrs to make as each one was matched but different leaf handle matched with leaf hook..wire wheel polished and waxed so they are actually blonde not forge blacked. spatula and spoon cup were riveted on . selling for $225.00

fireplace set is 1/2" sq with forge welded shovel and broom socket and poker tip. with stand selling at $175

heart with double hook is a favorite of folks. made with 1/2 sq using Brian B.s bluprint and just adding the two riveted hooks...total time 1/2 hr selling for $30. around valentines day i couldnt make hearts fast enough for the demand specially at a show/demo.

the big honking bottle opener leaf thingy was a one off just playing around made with 1/2"....got $22.50 outa it somehow..LOL

any other questions just ask and ill try to help as much as i can

MMM Fab & Forge

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Hi Keith, nice items. I've been asked about the mason jar candleholders and wasn't sure how to make the candle holder part.
Could you make a circle on the end with the tag end of the rod going across the bottom side of the circle to keep the taper from falling through?
Our first show (Easter) was on 3/17 and 18 at a small historical building nearby.
We did better than expected for an Easter show.

For outdoor shows we use two set-ups.
Structured shows with limited space we use a 10x10 Goliath canopy.
For less formal outdoor shows we have a 14'x14' Sutler Wedge tent from Tentsmiths.
I will not demonstrate at any show where we have to use the canopy.
The tent is made from sunforger canvas and tolerates sparks a bit better than the polyster canopy.
This is our indoor set-up from the Easter show:




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