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I Forge Iron

Movie from Renault factory 1935


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I watched every interesting second of that film.

After seeing that massive operation and realizing the mind power that had to figure out the "order of operations" that was set in place over-whelms my mind.

We are all carried in on the backs of highly intelligent and very hard working people.
None of what I saw in the film looked like an easy way to make a living.

After watching that Huge Operation it made me feel like a very small piece of sand that is found about 10' deep somewhere along the coastline of California and Oregon.

Makes my place look like nothing! Thank Goodness! :P

Thank you for that video. It help keeps my feet on the ground and my head looking upward!
Ted Throckmorton

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I just watched the whole video. It is amazing how things are/were made. Some of the women in the upholstery shop kept the tacks in their mouths. Safety was not a major concern. I did see some wearing goggles.
What amazes me most is the machines that make the parts.
Thanks for posting, great video. Makes me appreciate my job a little more.

Mark <><

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