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Early Colonial Anvil

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I picked up this little anvil at a local estate auction. Weighs around 50lbs and paid $50 for it. It's been resurfaced on both the top and bottom and still has a nice rebound for such a small anvil. There is no hardy, pritchel, or markings anywhere on it. One picture is of it on top of my 129lbs. Columbus Anvil and Forging Co. anvil. It's small and interesting, and for the price I can't lose, even if I don't use it. I like the looks of early anvils and this one certainly looks the part. If only this old anvil could talk. Take a look at the pictures--what can you tell me about it? From the information I've gleaned from Anvils in America, it would seem to most likely date from the mid-18th century. What do you think?

Pictures here:


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does it look like the heel has been broken off? I've seen many anvils where the heel was broken off at the hardie hole (my main anvil is a Fisher with a broken heel...someone has dressed it up very nicely as a perfect 90 degree angle). Maybe there was never a hardie hole because of it's size? 50lb is pretty small.

A great little anvil at a great price! Good score!

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I initially thought the heel had broken off, but it does not appear that way. What gives the appearance of a heel breaking off is what looks like mushrooming on the face. It has been surfaced, but not all of the mushrooming was removed. I'll have to look at it some more, but I really don't think any heel was broken off. There is mushrooming all down one side of the anvil and I feel the heel end mushrooming is a continuation of this.

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