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I Forge Iron

My home-built hydraulic press


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Hi everybody,

This is my first post here. I am from the east coast of India, close to the 'Sun Temple'. I took to blacksmithing as a hobby since a year. Did quite a bit of research on the web for the needed guidance. Last March/April built a in-line treadle hammer, which came out very nice. To avoid noise pollution (I stay in an urban residential area) decided in favour of a press, and built one.

This is a motorized hydraulic bottle jack press of 25 tonne capacity.
The speed is around 6mm/sec. It is working very nicely.
Also for practice sake, ended up making a chopper from leaf-spring steel.

Have attached two photos.

Hope it will be enjoyable for everybody.




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Thanks 'Bob S' for the kind words.

The press can handle upto 4"x4" sizes. The gap is 8" max without any dies. In the pic the drawing dies are of 3-1/2" each. I used them for drawing a 3"x3"x1/4" piece of spring steel. It took me 10/11 heats to draw it to 7" long. I have also made a pair of flat & combo dies for other uses.

As already mentioned, the speed is around 1/4" per second. Its not a blazing speed, but working with the press is quite comfortable. I have put foot control for closing & opening the dies, and thus both the hands remain free. As a result I am also able to use it for cutting, punching with tools I have made. Here is a photo of other dies.


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Thanks everybody for the encouraging words....it surely soothes away the bruises & sprains aquired during the construction of this contraption. The top frame only weighed at 330 lbs. It is made up of 2"x3" solid steel (2 pcs of 1"x3" flats stacked). The biggest problem for me was drilling 16 nos of 1/2" holes at 4" depth. My drill's reach was only 2&1/2". And manipulating this weight was another problem. But I forget all these when I run it now. It runs really very smooth, and also seems to be quite powerful as well. At the moment I will first make all the needed toolings for it. Later will want to do some good patterned knives. I have never done any kind of smithing before. This is the first time in my life that I am doing all this. But forging and doing things with iron is so interesting ! There is so much of finer knowledge invlved in iron forging ! Will have to do lots of study and research in order to do it well.

If anybody wants to have any queries about this press, you are most welcome.

Thanks again

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