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A Christmas gift was a new computer that runs two monitors so i want to put some blacksmithing related wallpaper on both monitors I am having a heck of a time getiing 1440X900 and 900X1000 wall paper i made one myself but was wondering if anyone knew of some good free downloads


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I use a program called irfanview. It will resize any pic to fit the screen and turn it into a wallpaper. Sometimes there is a little distortion if it has to change size a lot but generally very tolerable. It should still be a free download. I change my wallpaper every day. Nice pic, by the way.

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Thank for your kind words and the info about the program but I am still in the process of getting my !@#$%^ forge up and running. In the meanwhile while I do smith at our local chapter. I have dam few good pictures of me making sparks fly. That may be remedied in the near future as I hope to get some better burners built and go from there. But in the meantime what else is out there?

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