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Support for longer bars

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The smithy being small the forge table is small. So when I had longer bars than 2 feet or so, I had to hold them while they were heating. No more. This is simple and efficient.

A view from the side :

Here is a series of dimensions. The first one depends on the opening in the side of your table. The other dimensions are the ones I use.

post-14003-0-67554400-1325897879_thumb.j post-14003-0-69051900-1325897982_thumb.j post-14003-0-42113800-1325898030_thumb.j post-14003-0-71360100-1325898056_thumb.j post-14003-0-76053500-1325898089_thumb.j

Here is a general view.

It stores neatly on the side of my chimney :

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That's a great idea! I made the stock stand from the blueprints section: ( http://www.iforgeiron.com/page/index.html/_/blueprints/original-series/bp0007-stock-stand ) since I had all the materials on hand. I'm working on a second one with three legs forge-welded on, just for the practice. Oddly, I've only used the stand at the anvil and vise, I still hold my long pieces in the fire. Sometime I miss the forest for the trees. :P

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Nice solution to the problem of support! My forge has two "ears" on the side with holes in them that receive a bar bent very similiar to how you did yours. It pivots in the holes, and there is a leg that is attached to the center portion of the bar and goes down to the floor. This set-up allows me to adjust the height of the support or to fold it out of the way when it is not needed.

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