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i have the opertunity to but a 1cwt brooks anvil with a fitting hardie, the edges and the face seem nice, the seller is asking $300, i have some questions though.

#1 what do you think
#2 i am not familiar with what cwt is, my best guess id cent-weight so 100lbs?
#3 he says the price is negotiable... what should i offer?


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CWT markings X Y Z = (X x 112) + (Y x 28) + (Z)

How much do you need an anvil? How much disposable income do you have? I's offer $2 a pound as the max myself but then I am anviled up and generally only add another when I can get them under US$1.50 a pound and in great shape.

An that is the hundredweight system no "century weight"

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ok i wasnt sure, i know the hundred weight but didnt know if cwt was a differant system

I have 2 peter wrights, my main one is a 100lb in great shape and my other is a 200lb that could use some work on the face. I'm 15 so my part time jobs are my only income (iv had a litle with blacksmithing). I will speak to him about it today, and have my offers and counter offers planned :P....

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With one exception all of my anvils are Brooks, I really like them. They're cast steel, ring pretty badly (or well, depending on what you think of a ringing anvil) and are usually as hard as nails to mark or dent. Some folks don't like the thicker heel section but I do, feels less 'springy' under heavy work unlike some of the thinner heeled styles.
Looks like it needs a good wire brush though :) LOL

If you can get the price down to around the figure Mr Powers suggests I'd take his arm off, otherwise $300 isn't cheap but is still a good investment for a portable quality anvil.

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man its crazy how anvil prices vary from region to region, where im at in southern il ive seen anvils with half there face missing along with the heel completely broke off go for 200$ even more. its a nice looking anvil but a 100# should be less than 300. and use the fact that your young and on a super small budget maybe hell think back and understand. also when any one sells something they price it way over what they want so ther is wiggle room for haggling. i recently got a 100# and a 158# peter wright of a guy and when i offered 250$ for both he jumped at price. which was cool but i showed me that i could have got it a bit cheaper

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