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Shaping metal bands for coopering.

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This is probably a pretty dumb question, but here goes. I recently took a weekend coopering class in which we made a piggen with steel bands. To get the correct taper in the bands we cold hammered the one edge to stretch the metal before bending the hoops into a circle and riveting.

My question is does this damage an anvil? I have been doing mine on a small "beater" anvil I have to avoid using my better anvil. I do not have a cooper's bick iron yet for the purpose. I am using 1" wide strips of 16 guage steel.

It seems like from what I read on here that this is going to ding up and anvil but it seems to be the way guys are doing it.


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There is a discussion on here from just a week ago about stake anvils in the "ANVIL" section of all places. I posted a picture of a really old stake anvil. If you'd like more pictures I can send you some. Wow- that sounds like a REALLY interesting class!! You folks back East seem to have lots of classes in old skills! I'm envious.

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