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Is 1 hp enough?

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How many knives do you plan to make in a week? Will you be doing all your work stock removal? Do you do big blades with a lot of hogging or folders with minimal work at 36 grit?

Sort of hard to guess what *you* will need without details about how *you* will be working.

Me, I'd suggest higher HP and going to 220 as it's easier on the motors! Of course I trained under a swordmaker who liked grinding big hunks of D2...

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....-If the kmg style is made from heavy 1/2'' aluminum will it be rigid enough? I thought it would be but wanted to ask first.

Your talking about an investment of your time and cash. I would recommend making it out of steel so that you build it once, and it will stand up to a beating. Aluminum might be rigid enough, but will it stand up to your 10 knives or more per week?
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Ive been using a 2x42 and finally finished building my NWG this past weekend. I used 3/16 steel pretty much everywhere except for the body which was 1/4" because that was the thickness of the only piece of 4" tubing the local yard had in stock. Its bolted to my work bench and is very sturdy.

I went with a 1hp tefc motor because of 120v power and price. Stepping up from the craftsman it is like night and day. So much better. I only have one pulley setup right now but just going with a slower speed and much better motor is so much better. I would continuously bog the craftsman down but have not bogged down the nwg yet.

Not a KMG but anyways.

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Higher HP would be better and 240vAC and if possible a three phase converter (speed control) if you are working thick steel. You could look at Polar bear forge's "grinder in a box" as a good alternative.

I have a Bee metal brand grinder and a radius master grinder. Some of the wiltons have the 120vAC with a step up transformer. I can't see much wrong with single phase 1hp except the work load efficiency rate. More HP means you can do a tougher task for longer before the grinder no longer has enough power to turn the wheel properly. In the case of stock removal yes more HP gives you more control as well.

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The rating for the VFD is probably based on continuous, heavy use. For knife grinding we are not subjecting the VFD to that kind of service. I reciently learned, from the owner of KB, that the KBAC 27D (rated up to 1.5 hp on 115v or 2 hp on 230v)will run a 2 hp motor on 115v on a belt grinder.

Balder motors are good motors but very expensive. I sell motors for way less than half of what Balder sells for.

If you want to discuss this further call me.

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